Hygear Suspension specializes in the performance and handling of recreational vehicle suspension systems. Our goal is to provide customers with the most advanced suspension setups that maximize stability, comfort, and reliability, allowing them to enjoy their time riding or racing.


Our suspension systems outperform high end after market shocks for a fraction of the cost. We are able to do this by means of customized valving, spring rates, and our own line of unique products which we design and manufacture.

Research and Development 

Hygear's foundation has always been research and development. In 2002 we started developing calibrations for OEM rebuildable shocks. Since then we have expanded our capabilities to designing and manufacturing replacement components for both shocks and complete suspension systems. We still test each new model and develop customized calibrations and products for your weight and type of riding.
Equipped with specialized tools such as CNC machines, metrology equipment, shock dynamometer, spring tester, vehicle data acquisition, and multiple test tracks, our shop is designed to create the best suspension systems available for your application. 


Design and Manufacturing

While developing calibrations for OEM shocks, we learned that some OEM components limit the performance of a vehicles suspension system. With this limitation we expanded past just shock re-calibration and moved to develop suspension components like our Dual Pressure system, 141 Pro Linkage Kit, and ATV Sport and Pro Linkages. These products take our setups to the next level in performance, giving you the advantage no one else has!


Our design studio has the latest in CAD/CAM and spring design software that allows us to design and improve our suspension products. 


Our full machine shop includes CNC machines, mills, lathes, and high end metrology equipment. We manufacture and inspect our parts in-house which ensures the best quality possible. 

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