Why do shocks need to be rebuilt?

Shocks absorb bumps on the trail and turn that energy into heat. This heat breaks down the oil and seals that are inside the shock, hurting the performance of the shock. Shocks are also exposed to harsh environmental conditions. With use, dirt and moisture can work their way into the shock hurting the seals, bushings, and oil. A rebuild service returns your shock to its optimal working condition.


Why choose Hygear Suspension?

The simple answer is our experience and process. We have specialized on working with suspension components since 2002. Our process is based on providing our customers the best service and support available in the market. As shock absorbers have become more complicated and intricate we have invested in specialized service and inspection tools, this allows us to both test and inspect shocks and components for wear and function.

What is shock revalving?

Shock Revalving is a technical re-calibration service provided to enhance the operating characteristics of your shocks. Our re-calibration service goes beyond re-stacking shims on the piston. With the use of both our dyno and testing data we modify many components in the shock to optimize its efficiency, improving both performance and reliability.


Why should I revalve my shocks?

When the OEM manufactures calibrate a vehicles suspension they need to set one calibration for every rider and every application. This setting can be too soft for an aggressive rider or too stiff for a light weight rider. Our calibration baselines are developed from extensive in house testing as well as feedback we receive from customers. The baseline you choose will be the starting point from which we tune your suspension.

Rebuild FAQ's

There is not a set time limit for a shock's service period. For most applications we recommend annual service. For ATV racing applications we recommend servicing the shocks twice during the season due to the extreme shock heat.

We can service any brand of shock that is rebuildable. Some lower end shocks are not rebuildable, feel free to contact us if you are not sure if your shock is rebuildable or not.

We recommend new seals at the time of service. Seals are a wear item and should be changed accordingly.

Start by downloading our shipping form for your vehicle here, then follow the shipping guide.

Our standard turnaround time is 7-10 business days from when the job is checked in. Make sure to check your email, including your spam folder for our estimate.

Yes! Rush service is an additional $50 per shock and moves your job to the front of the line. Rush service does not provide a guaranteed turnaround time because there are still unknown circumstances with the condition of the shock.

We recommend spraying the shafts with a light oil, also make sure to spray under the bumper.

Revalve FAQ's

Our re-calibration service modifies your shock to our baseline specs. This baseline is built off of our extensive data collection and vehicle testing.

We treat an off road vehicle as a system, changes to the front shocks will effect the rear and vice versa. For best results we recommend doing the entire vehicle during one service.

We record every shock and vehicle spec that comes through our doors. This system allows us to constantly develop and improve our calibration specs. Once you send your shocks in, your vehicle specs and calibration information are all recorded in our Data Tracking System. This allows us to give you the most personalized tuning and the best customer service in the industry.

Once you have revalved your shocks, any further adjustments to the calibration are free of charge with any standard shock rebuild service. Ride quality is a person's opinion, so what works well for someone may not be the best for someone else. We try to provide our best recommended set ups and our free revalve policy is here to help our customers fine tune their ride further.



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