ATV Twisted Spring Kits


Typical Problems with Aftermarket Spring Kits Twisted Spring Kit Solutions
Some kits require grinding down the shock eyelets,
installation of bulky adapters and steel tube, or even
shock disassembly to fit the spring hardware.
Twisted Spring hardware is CNC-machined in house,
and can easily be installed without having to modify
or disassemble the shock.
Spring selection is limited. Hygear has the largest selection of springs in the industry.
The springs may have low deflection, which will
limit your suspension travel.
Twisted Springs are designed for maximum deflection
and wheel travel.
Some spring kits are mass produced, and don't take
into account aftermarket parts such as a-arms, swing-arms,
linkages, and other modifications that effect suspension
Every Twisted Spring kit is hand built to order,
according to vehicle setup, riding application, and
rider weight.

Kawasaki KFX 450R on a Triple Rate Pro Series Spring Kit

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