Hygear's Pressure Balance Valve is designed for the 20mm KYB high and low speed compression adjuster found on many HPG shocks. The stock compression adjuster has restrictive valving which produces a harsh feel on sharp, quick hits, and also reduces the range of adjustment. The PBV replaces the internal parts of the adjuster, greatly improving the ride of the vehicle, and increasing adjuster range by 5 times over stock. 

Problems with the Stock HPG C36 Hi-Lo Compression Adjuster:
  • Heavy adjuster valving causes a harsh feel when riding at high speeds on a rough terrain
  • Shim piston design has limited opening tolerances for high volume displacement
  • Restrictive adjuster valving causes a tendency to under-valve the primary piston
  • Limited range of adjustability

Common Complaints:
  • It's hard to feel any difference when adjusting the (17mm Hex) high speed side of the compression adjuster valve
  • The suspension feels soft, yet the ride is harsh

A Solution to the Problem:
  • Maximized flow area, eliminating uncontrolled pressure spikes
  • A spring pressure relief design allows for infinite adjustability
  • Easily adjusts to application by changing the compression spring rates
  • Minimizes heat build up
  • Increased damping control


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