Proven Results What do they do? Plush ride over small bumps Reduce bottoming over large bumps Set ride height without affecting ride quality More confidence on rough trails The Twisted Spring Advantage Spring hardware specific to shock type Individually assembled for rider weight, vehicle application, and type of riding Durable powder coat finish Neutral color compatible with any make/model Pre-assembled for easy DIY installation


Available Pro Series Upgrade Standard Sport Series Kit with Floating Crossover System Pro Series Kit with Adjustable Crossover System Easily adjust crossover gap without removing shock from vehicle. Pro Series Spring kits are only available for select vehicle applications.

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Yes, all spring kits are built dependent on vehicle application, rider weight, and any additional weight being carried.

Yes, you will need to remove the shocks for installation.

Basic hand tools are all that is needed unless specified.
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Twisted brand springs are grey, we also use Hyperco (Deep Blue) and Eibach (Maroon). All springs are neutral color and are compatible with most all color schemes.

At this time we do not offer custom powder coating.

The rear suspension has a lot of floating debris. More wear will show in low snow conditions.

The floating separators and crossovers slide up and down over the shock body throughout the shocks motion. To ensure clearance, it is recommended to remove the protective sleeve.

Similar to the question above, it is recommended to remove anything over the body of the shock so that the spring hardware can move freely.

Yes, please note that moving spring hardware can wear on the shock body. This is more commonly found on center shock applications. Wear components like spring hardware can be purchased individually if need be.

The easiest thing to do would be to give us a call at (607)533-7434 to make sure that you get the proper kit for your shocks.

The kit hardware varies on application and rider weight. The product instruction diagram is intended to be a general guide for installation and may show different combinations of spring hardware.

Yes, all springs and mounting hardware can be purchased separately. If you feel like you would like to experiment we do have a wide range of available rates, Click here to purchase springs.

Twisted Spring Kits The Best Spring Kits On The Planet

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