The SLICAST® caster adjustment is the only caster adjustment on the market today that can be adjusted independently from the camber setting. The aluminum SLICAST® Feature has 11 settings, each giving you 0.5 degrees of caster change. Each setting is labeled for ease of use. The SLICAST® rotates like a cam or bearing carrier, with the ball joint hole being on an eccentric. To adjust the SLICAST®, simply untighten the upper ball joint jam nut 3/16" and pop out the SLICAST® CAM. Turn the cam to the desired rotation (caster setting) and press back in, tighten your jam nut, and ride with the new SLICAST® setting. 

Adjust Caster 

The simple caster adjustment system is easy to use and has 11 marked settings. Setting 0 is the same as stock. Turn the cam and rotate the ball joint back for positive caster, or forward for negative caster


Rotate Cam to change caster

Note: Diagram only shows the most extreme settings on both sides but the cam adjuster has 11 settings to give you incremental levels of adjustment. 

Adjust Camber

Camber is adjustable by changing the orientation of spacers on the ball joint stud. Stock camber can be achieved by orienting an equal number of spacers on either side of the cam adjuster. Add spacers to the outside of the cam adjuster for positive camber, or to the inside of the cam adjuster for negative camber. 


Move spacers to change camber

Note: For clarity, diagram only shows all four spacers being moved together, but spacers can be moved individually to give you incremental levels of adjustment. 


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