Hybrid Service Kit for Fox FLOAT Mega, Rev2

Part Number:


$ 84.99 USD

Services (1) Fox FLOAT Mega Shock


Hybrid Kit system made Easy. 
These kits are designed to work on a variety of applications and remove the guess work of what to order. Simply measure the chrome shaft diameter and order your kit. Hybrid Kits includes all parts needed to service your shock.


Hybrid Kits are available in Basic Service and Complete Rebuild Kits.


  • Basic Service Kits are recommended for Lightly Used shocks or Regular Routine Maintenance.
  • Complete Rebuild Kits are Ideal for shocks with High Mileage, Damaged and Heavy Use


Rev2: Now includes necessary parts to service Fox Float Mega Shocks found on Timbersled applications. 


Recommended Bullet Tool: Click Here

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