KYB/HPG - Shock Shaft, 12.5mm OD, RA, 232mm / 9.14" TLG

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$ 149.99 USD

Includes (1) Hard Chrome Shaft with internal parts and metering rod.



Shaft can be used with either the black style HPG RA knob eyelets, or silver slotted screw HPG RA eyelets.



A: Shaft Total Length: 232mm / 9.14" TLG

B: Shaft OD: 0.492"

C: Mount 1.1" Length x TPI 

D: Post Length x TPI


In order to provide you with the correct fitment, please measure the shaft and choose the measurements above. Contact us if you need a spec not listed.

A. Shaft Total Length

Measure the entire length of the shaft from end to end.

B. Shaft Outer Diameter:

Measure the diameter of the shaft 

C. Mount Length:
Measure the mount from the end of the chrome to the end of the threads.

D. Post Length:
Measure the post from the end of the chrome to the end of the threads.


E. Chrome Length:
Measure the length from beginning of the chrome to the end of the chrome.

Part Number:
This product has many variants. Not all specs are recorded. Contact us if you need specs that are not listed.


Recommended Shaft Clamp #64-35-030-A

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