KYB - Shock Shaft, 16mm OD, RA, 9.857" TLG

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$ 149.99 USD

Includes (1) Hard Chrome Shaft with internal parts and metering rod.

High quality hard chrome replacement shaft.



KYB Snowmobile shocks commonly found on Lynx, Ski-Doo RS, Ski-Doo XRS, Freeride 



A: Shaft Total Length: 9.857" TLG

B: Shaft OD: 16mm

C: Mount Length x TPI 

D: Post Length x TPI


In order to provide you with the correct fitment, please measure the shaft and choose the measurements above. Contact us if you need a spec not listed.

A. Shaft Total Length

Measure the entire length of the shaft from end to end.

B. Shaft Outer Diameter:

Measure the diameter of the shaft 

C. Mount Length:
Measure the mount from the end of the chrome to the end of the threads.

D. Post Length:
Measure the post from the end of the chrome to the end of the threads.


E. Chrome Length:
Measure the length from beginning of the chrome to the end of the chrome.

Part Number:
This product has many variants. Not all specs are recorded. Contact us if you need specs that are not listed.


Recommended Shaft Clamp #64-35-030-A

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