Polaris Pro CC Linkage Kit, 2019+ Indy XC 129" and 137" Axys/Matryx/Adventure

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$ 204.99 USD

Notice: Currently on Backorder. Estimated to be back in stock Fall 2023!


Includes (1) Linkage Assembly. 



129" track will require part number 73-35-043-R.

Revalving recommended for optimized performance.  



  • Std spec rides very well on smaller high speed repetitive bumps with safe handling control. However it has a tendency to blow through the travel easily over rougher end of the day conditions and deeper moguls. When adjusting the shocks stiffer the ride becomes harsh with minimal improvement to bottoming resistance.


  • Revalving the shocks to reduce bottoming improves rough trail performance.


  • A stiffer calibration greatly impacts the plush suspension feel over smaller high speed repetitive bumps. This is due to the linear relationship between suspension arm travel and shock compression rate. (AKA - Motion Ratio)


  • The factory solution is create progression by adding velocity bypass and needle damping feature inside the rear track shock. This helps considerably on late model applications such as VR1 and XCR. However, it isn’t enough by itself to resolve the issue without recalibration.

Our approach to resolution:

  • Add progressive action to the linkage motion to enable a shock with a stiffer calibration to feel plush. This is done by slowing the action of the shock at the top of the travel and accelerating compression rate as the suspension is compressed. This approach allows us to calibrate a shock to reduce the effortless resistance to bottoming feel and maintain as much plush feel as possible. See graph attached. (The blue line is stock and gray is Pro Link)


2019+ Polaris Pro CC 128/129/136/137



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