WER - 500 Hybrid Kit, Snow Rebuild (Fits all Snow Shocks with 1/2" Shaft)

Part Number:


$ 49.95 USD

This Kit Services (1) Walker Evans Shock with 1/2" Shaft:

Hybrid Kit system made Easy. 
     These kits are designed to work on a variety of applications and remove the guess work of what to order. Simply measure the chrome shaft diameter and order your kit. Hybrid Kits includes all parts needed to rebuild a standard IFP and reservoir type shock with a 1.5 and 1.75 body.

Hybrid Kits are available in Basic Service and Complete Rebuild Kits.

  • Basic Service Kits are recommended for Lightly Used shocks or Regular Routine Maintenance.
  • Complete Rebuild Kits are Ideal for shocks with High Mileage, Damaged and Heavy Use

    This Hybrid kit replaces:
    29-09-107-R, 29-09-108-R

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