2006 Yamaha Apex GT

Custom Axis Front Shocks, 2003+ Yamaha RS1, Vector / Warrior / Rage / Apex / Attak / LTX
Compression Adjustable Rebound Adjustable Dual Rate Spring set for the Riders Weight. Custom Axis Shocks are hand built to order,...
$ 1,749.99 USD
Fox H1 - Spec, 2.0 QS3R, SR, Yamaha Apex, Attack, Vector, Rage, Venture, 2006-2018
Fox H1 Quick Switch 3 (QS3) Compression Adjustment front shocks.    Fox H1 is Hygear's line of custom built and...
$ 1,499.99 USD
Custom Axis Rear Yamaha Mono Shock
This shock is an upgrade option for the Yamaha Mono Shock Skids. Fits Yamaha Apex 121" and 128" rear suspensions as...
$ 799.99 USD
Rear Dual Rate Pro Series Spring Kit for Yamaha Ohlins EC Mono Shock - Snow
All spring kits are hand built to order based on rider weight, vehicle, and riding application. Additional information may be...
$ 259.99 USD
Front Dual Rate Sport Series Spring Kit - Snow
All spring kits are hand built to order based on rider weight, vehicle, and riding application. Additional information may be...
$ 249.99 USD
Ohlins - Shock Shaft RA, 16mm x 9.921" TLG
Includes (1) Shaft Replacement chrome shaft. Shaft Total Length 9.921"  
$ 174.99 USD
Yamaha Wheel Holder Assembly
Wheeler Holder Assembly to mount to a flat or curved rail, for one or two bolt mounting.Link to install instructions: CLICK...
$ 89.99 USD
Ohlins Armature CES Valve
This is the replacement solenoid for the Ohlins electronic adjust mono shock found in Yamaha Mono Shock skids.
$ 89.99 USD
Ohlins Shaft Eyelet EC Monoshock
This is the bare replacement eyelet for the Ohlins EC mono shock. These eyelets can wear due to contact with...
$ 89.99 USD
Ohlins 46mm EC Body
This replacement body is for the Ohlins EC Mono Shock. These bodies will wear if the shock is ridden while...
$ 84.99 USD
Ohlins - EC Mono Shock Reservoir Tube
Includes (1) Reservoir Tube
$ 79.99 USD
Ohlins - EC Solenoid Cable Assembly
This solenoid cable is an OEM replacement for the Ohlins EC Adjuster. This cable is often damaged from debris in...
$ 79.99 USD
Ohlins EC Cable
This cable replaces the cable from Shock to Snowmobile that is often damaged.
$ 69.99 USD
Ohlins - Seal Head Assemby, EC Monoshock
Includes (1) Seal Head Assembly Dimensions 46mm Bore, 16mm Shaft   
$ 52.99 USD
Ohlins - EC Upper Heim Bearing
Includes (1) Bearing  Dimensions 0.550" ID, 1.025" OD
$ 49.99 USD
Snow Linkage - Coupler Block Kit, Yamaha Single Shot
Used in the installation of the Hygear H1 2.0 RA Single Shot.   Replaces the stock coupler blocks and relieves...
$ 44.99 USD
Ohlins - Monoshock Heim Reducer Kit
Sold as pair. Dimensions (A) 0.433 TLG, (B) 0.275" ILG, (C) 0.395" ID
$ 29.99 USD
Ohlins - EC Monoshock Body Eyelet Bushing Kit
Sold as pair.  Replacement body eyelet bushings for Ohlins EC Monoshock.   
$ 19.99 USD
Ohlins - Piston Band, 46mm
Includes (1) piston band
$ 19.99 USD
Ohlins Bottom Out Bumper EC Mono Long
This is the OEM replacement for the long section of the bottom out bumper
$ 19.99 USD
Ohlins Bottom Out Bumper EC Mono Short
This is the OEM replacement for the short section of the bottom out bumper.
$ 14.99 USD

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