2008 Yamaha Apex GT 40th

Axis - Snow Shocks, Front, Yamaha, Apex, Vector, Attack, LTX
Compression Adjustable Rebound Adjustable Dual Rate Spring set for the Riders Weight. Custom Axis Shocks are hand built to order,...
$ 2,549.99 USD
Twisted - Spring Kit, Snow, Front, Dual Rate, Pro Series
For (2) Front Shocks   *Shock part number needed for fitment accuracy. If you do not have the part number,...
$ 294.99 USD
Twisted - Spring Kit, Snow, Rear, Dual Rate, Pro Series, Yamaha Ohlins EC Mono Shock
All spring kits are hand built to order based on rider weight, vehicle, and riding application. Additional information may be...
$ 289.99 USD
Twisted - Spring Kit, Snow, Front, Dual Rate, Sport Series
1 pair for the two front shocks.    *Shock part number needed for fitment accuracy. If you do not have...
$ 254.99 USD
Ohlins - Shock Shaft, 16mm OD x 9.921" TLG, RA
Includes (1) Shaft Dimensions: A: Shaft total length: 9.921"   B: Shaft OD C: Mount Length x TPI D: Post...
$ 174.99 USD
Ohlins Shaft Eyelet EC Monoshock
Includes (1) Shaft Eyelet This is the bare replacement eyelet for the Ohlins EC mono shock. These eyelets can wear...
$ 149.99 USD
Ohlins EC Cable
This cable replaces the cable from Shock to Snowmobile that is often damaged.
$ 139.99 USD
Ohlins 46mm EC Body
Includes (1) Body This replacement body is for the Ohlins EC Mono Shock. These bodies will wear if the shock...
$ 139.99 USD
Ohlins - EC Solenoid Cable Assembly
This solenoid cable is an OEM replacement for the Ohlins EC Adjuster. This cable is often damaged from debris in...
$ 116.99 USD
Yamaha Wheel Holder Assembly
Wheeler Holder Assembly to mount to a flat or curved rail, for one or two bolt mounting.Link to install instructions: CLICK...
$ 89.99 USD
Ohlins Armature CES Valve
This is the replacement solenoid for the Ohlins electronic adjust mono shock found in Yamaha Mono Shock skids.
$ 89.99 USD
Ohlins - EC Mono Shock Reservoir Tube
Includes (1) Reservoir Tube
$ 79.99 USD
Ohlins - Seal Head Assembly, 16 x 46
Complete Seal Head Assembly    Application:EC MonoshockCan be used for a variety of applications.   Confirmed fitment on below shock...
$ 52.99 USD
Snow Linkage - Coupler Block Kit, Yamaha Single Shot
Used in the installation of the Hygear H1 2.0 RA Single Shot.   Replaces the stock coupler blocks and relieves...
$ 44.99 USD
Service Kit for Ohlins Shocks, 1646R49, Quad Ring
Includes (1) Service Kit   Recommended Bullet Tool: Click Here
$ 39.99 USD
Ohlins - Monoshock Heim Reducer Kit
Sold as pair. Dimensions (A) 0.433 TLG, (B) 0.275" ILG, (C) 0.395" ID
$ 29.99 USD
Ohlins - EC Upper Heim Bearing
Includes (1) Bearing    Application: Confirmed fitment on below shock numbers   Dimensions: OD: 0.55" ID: 1.025" Width (including shoulder): ...
$ 29.95 USD
Ohlins Bottom Out Bumper EC Mono Long
Includes (1) Bumper   This is the OEM replacement for the long section of the bottom out bumper   Application:...
$ 27.99 USD
Ohlins - EC Monoshock Body Eyelet Bushing Kit
Sold as pair.  Replacement body eyelet bushings for Ohlins EC Monoshock.   
$ 19.99 USD
Ohlins - Piston Band, 46mm
Includes (1) piston band
$ 19.99 USD
Ohlins Bottom Out Bumper EC Mono Short
Includes (1) Bumper   This is the OEM replacement for the short section of the bottom out bumper.   Application:...
$ 19.99 USD

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