2009 Yamaha FX Nytro XTX

Axis - Track Kit, Yamaha, CK 144, FX Nytro XTX, Apex XTX
Learn More About Custom Axis Shocks  Center Shock: Tool free Easy Access Adjuster Remote Mount Compression Adjustable Reservoir Rebound Adjustable ...
$ 2,774.99 USD
Axis - Snow Shocks, Front, Yamaha, 2008-2014 FX Nytro, 42 Wide
Compression Adjustable Rebound Adjustable Dual Rate Spring set for the Riders Weight 4 stroke applications.Custom Axis Shocks are hand built...
$ 2,549.99 USD
Twisted - Spring Kit, Snow, Front, Triple Rate, Sport Series
All spring kits are hand built to order based on rider weight, vehicle, and riding application. Additional information may be...
$ 289.99 USD
Twisted - Spring Kit, Snow, Front, Dual Rate, Sport Series
1 pair for the two front shocks.    *Shock part number needed for fitment accuracy. If you do not have...
$ 254.99 USD
FX Nytro XTX Rear Body Assembly
This kit includes:  Body Eyelet Bushings  Hyflo Hose and Fittings  
$ 189.99 USD
Twisted - Spring Kit, Snow, Center, Dual Rate, Sport Series
*Shock part number needed for fitment accuracy. If you do not have the part number, please enter code "photo" and...
$ 164.99 USD
Yamaha Wheel Holder Assembly
Wheeler Holder Assembly to mount to a flat or curved rail, for one or two bolt mounting.Link to install instructions: CLICK...
$ 89.99 USD
Yamaha - CK/XTX Torsion Spring Spacers (Pair)
Click here for more information   IMPORTANT: These Torsion Spring Spacers are available in two sizes... 61-35-004-A Includes (1) Pair...
$ 52.95 USD
Yamaha XTX Rear Hyflo -5 Hose Assembly
This Hyflo Hose Assembly provides a 2.5 times larger flow area than the OEM Yamaha XTX Rear Shock
$ 49.99 USD
Soqi / GYTR 40mm Piston
Includes (1) Piston, Piston Band, O-Ring   This replacement piston offers a way to replace the non serviceable piston band...
$ 49.95 USD
Hygear - Spring Retainer, 1825SR159
Includes (1) Spring Retainer Application Fits all STD, XTX, and Apex XTX (with slide action suspension) FX Nytros.
$ 22.99 USD

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