Front Shock Part#: 8MT-F377A-00-00 / 8MT-F376A-00-00

Center Shock Part#: 8MT-F330E-00-00

Rear Shock Part#: 8MT-G7480-00-00

2019 Yamaha Sidewinder MTX LE (162)

Fox DSC Adjuster
Dual Speed Compression (DSC) allows you to maximize small bump compliance and traction, while still having the extra damping required...
$ 214.99 USD
Dual Stage High Pressure Pump
Dual chamber function allows for more air volume to be added with each pump. Switch to the single chamber to...
$ 84.99 USD
Fox - Dual Sided Air Pump
 300 PSI Max Pump with bleed.  
$ 74.99 USD
High Pressure Pump
Includes (1) 300 PSI Max Pump with single sided gauge
$ 64.99 USD

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