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Tame that Ski-Doo Twitch Get Slicast Raise it up Roll it Back! Proven results, kust like RAS2 Front End on 2015 Ski-Doo Models taller ball joints and adjusted caster to eliminate the twitching and darting common with Ski-Doo's XP/XR/XS chassis. Same performance as RAS2 for a fraction of the price!

Proven Results! What they do? Reduced Darting and Twitching More Confidence on Rutted Trails Flatter more precise cornering Less Ski Lift Reduced Ski and Carbide Wear Best Money Spent for 2008-2014 XP/XS/XR The Slicast Advantage Powdercoated Chromoly Construction Heavy Duty Greasable Mount Bushings Use with any Combination of Skis and Carbides Recommended Starting Point and Tuning Guide included For those handling gurus, Slicast is a Fully Adjustable System

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Slicast A-Arms Test SnowGoer Magazine 2014




Both systems improve vehicle handling by adding positive caster and raising the upper spindle mount. This equates to less darting and flatter cornering, giving you more confidence on rutted trails. This past year we conducted a ride comparison between RAS with Slicast versus RAS2. The consensus from this comparison along with customer feeback was that most riders preffered RAS with Slicast over the newer style RAS2.
Installation is straight forward, basic hand tools are all that is needed. See Video

To remove your stock ball joints with ease, we carry an optional Ball Joint Puller Part# 64-99-030.

Note: When installing the new ball joints, they will remain loose in the tapered socket of the spindle until tightened.
Slicast A-arms can be used with any of the stock or aftermarket skis available for your Ski-Doo. We have been impressed with the improvement in handling of the standard Ski-Doo Pilot Ski after adding Slicast. Adjustable geometry allows you to get the best handling possible from whichever ski you choose.
Much like skis it comes down to personal preference. In testing we have had the best results installing shaper bars on the outside edge of the standard pilot skis with a round wear type bar in the center.
Slicast A-arms use a heavy duty plastic bushing that is much thicker and more durable than stock. Grease fittings are installed on the bushing mounts to further increase service life and performance.
The kit includes upper arms only, ball joints, and mounting hardware.
The Silver Series ball joints are designed to help reduce the overall cost for more affordable kit pricing. The silver series ball joints easily last several thousand miles. The upgrade to the Gold Series ball joints are available and are intended for those particular high end users along with high mileage riders.
It is okay to use any basic cold weather grease.
Yes, the outside washer is reused.
Yes, the recommended settings can be found in the product instructions.
No, be sure to know what front end your vehicle has, they will not fit Summit 35.7" or Freeride 38.4"
Yes, custom colors are special order only. Please allow 3-4 weeks for delivery.

If you are interested in a custom color, call us direct at (607) 533-7434

Note: For Ski-Doo yellow - color code #3 Bengal Yellow (see chart) Custom Colors 

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