The linkage kit bolts into the Arctic Cat FasTrack or Yamaha Dual Shock SR 141 rear suspension using existing mounting holes. Removal of the skid is recommended for easier installation. Basic hand tools are all that is needed. See Video for Easy Install

No, this linkage kit does not couple the rear suspension. Adding this kit creates a more progressive motion of the rear arm and shock improving both stutter bump control and bottoming resistance.

Yes, there are minor modifications that need to be made to your skid. All parts needed are provided in the kit 73-35-000-A. Check out the product instructions here for more information.

The linkage is designed to greatly improve bump handling on the trail, while leaving the off trail handling of the suspension unchanged. This linkage has proven to give excellent handling and weight transfer both on and off the trail.

When field testing we weren’t able to make major improvements in ride quality by revalving the shocks alone. This determined that it was not a shock calibration issue that needed to be addressed and that it was how the actual movement of the suspension was working.

Yes, the linkage is designed for use with the OEM Fox Zero Pro Coil Over, Fox Float, Fox Float 2 and Fox Float 3 rear shocks.

A shock with a linear spring rate works best with our progressive linkage. The Fox Zero Pro coil over shock is ideal versus the Fox Float, because the Float is a progressive shock. Custom Axis coil over shocks are available as aftermarket replacements which allow you to adjust both compression and rebound.

For riders with a total weight of 300+ lbs, we recommend using a coil over shock. This is because the risk of reliable function is increased when higher air pressures are required. Keep in mind that if an air shock fails the vehicle becomes stranded. If the damping of a coil over shock fails the spring will still hold you up and the vehicle will remain mobile.

A Dual Pressure high volume reservoir kit is recommended for all vehicles with Fox Float shocks. The reservoir adds air volume to the shock, making it more linear and alleviating the harshness that might be experienced from the progressive ramping of the stock shock. Click Here to see How Dual Pressure works. Coil over spring shocks may need a new single rate spring, depending on total load being carried. Further ride improvements can be made by revalving the shocks. Select your vehicle through our website to see what services are available for you.

It is recommended to move the rear cross shaft one window back in the skid. Check out the product instructions here for more information.

We have riders using our linkage for drag racing, hill climb racing and back country riding that have all given positive reviews and said that the linkage is an effective upgrade. If you are using the linkage and you feel your weight transfer is affected, other key components such as shock calibration, spring rates, etc. could be playing a role. Select your vehicle through our website to see what services are available for you.

The stock spring on the coilover rear shock has a barrel shape, and as such, certain portions of the spring may be wider than others. Spring rub can often be eliminated by rotating the spring slightly. Alternatively, a new single rate spring can be purchased which has a consistent O.D.

Typical recommended starting air pressure for use with the linkage is 200-250 psi or more. No adverse effects or failures have been experienced during testing at these pressures.

  • If your sled is equipped with a rear coil over shock, then we recommend the linkage kit and spring applicable to your rider weight.
  • If your sled is equipped with an air shock then we recommend purchasing the kit that includes the Pro Linkage, Dual Pressure reservoir and High Pressure Pump.
  • We recommend using a coil over shock if: You are doing 2 person riding You are a high mileage rider You ride with a total load of 300+ lbs
  • If you are using the air shock along with the Pro Linkage, and aren’t accustomed to constant monitoring of air pressures. We recommend switching to the coil over shock.
  • Further improvements can be made with shock calibration (Revalve your shocks) Select your vehicle through our website to see what services are available for you.
  • We recommend adding the Dual Rate center spring kit to help add progression to your shock. However, if your total rider weight is 300+ lbs we recommend using a stiffer Single Rate spring on the center shock.
  • The best available shocks to use with the Pro Linkage are the Custom Axis shocks. They provide great handling in a much broader range of conditions compare to a modified OEM shocks. The shock kit is pricey compared to modifying your OEM shocks, but the performance is unmatched, the shocks are adjustable and built to last.

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