KYB SAS Smart Shox Service FAQ's

How often should I rebuild my Smart Shox?

It’s challenging for us to know how often a shock should be rebuilt due to many factors. Typically, an annual service interval or 2000 miles is recommended. The reason why rebuilding is necessary is removing moisture from the shocks to avoid corrosion causing internal damage. The Smart Shox are in a sense like any other shock but have tighter tolerances for the Bypass control mechanisms. Lack of maintenance can greatly affect the function of internal features if left unattended.

Is a power supply needed?

Yes, you need to power the shocks when servicing. A remote 6v power supply is required. Using your own makeshift electronic device may not have the proper voltage regulation that can risk damage to your shock. Keep in mind that individual parts are not sold separately for these applications. Proper care by a trained professional is recommended.

Is vacuum bleeding necessary?

Yes, It’s nearly impossible to obtain an air free bleed without a vacuum. Smart Shox have a dual body with bypass circuits design to control fluid movement. Vacuum bleeding becomes absolutely essential to draw oil into ports and cavities to ensure complete air evacuation is obtained.

Is dyno testing needed?

Dyno testing is the only means to ensure proper function after assembly.  This ensures the control solenoid has been reassembled properly after inspection and functions throughout the entire range. Without this QC process there is no way of qualifying a unit can fully function before returning to the customer.

Can my local or reputable shock guy service my Smart Shocks?

Most any talented technician can service a shock. The key factor is the extent of service they have ability to provide. Just Ask:

  • Do they have proper tools and power supply?
  • Do they have means to ensure complete air evacuation?
  • Do they have means to qualify complete function before returning to the customer?

 These are the questions you need to ask when choosing a service provider.

How do I send my shocks in to be serviced?

Start by downloading our shipping form for your vehicle here, then follow the shipping guide.



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