Basic Rebuild Services Price (each)
Rebuild Fox/Ryde FX Std Shock $35
Rebuild Fox/Ryde FX Reservoir Shock $45
Rebuild PPS Rear Shock $45
Rebuild M10 Rear Shock $55
Rebuild Ryde FX Air 2.0  $75
Rebuild Walker Evans Std. Shock $35
Rebuild Walker Evans Reservoir Shock $45
Rebuild Walker Evans PB Strut $55
Rebuild prices include labor, oil, and nitrogen. Basic service kits and parts are not included.
A complete estimate is provided after disassembly and thorough inspection.

Revalve Calibration Add
Standard Revalve Service $45
Walker Evans Reservoir Shock Revalve Service (Inc. CA Valve Calibration) $65
Compression Adjuster Valve Calibration $25

Revalve calibration is in addition to the rebuild service. The purchase of additional parts may be required.

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