Twisted - Front Lowering Kit, Ski-Doo XRS

Part Number:


$ 84.95 USD

For (2) Shocks


Pro36 = Small Body. Pro40 = Large Body.


The Negative Sag Spring Kit is a simple add-on that reduces the ride height of the front of the sled for flatter cornering. The kit is used in conjunction with the Standard OEM springs. This is a great budget alternative compared to adding lowering spacers inside the shocks!


How it works: By installing this spring kit above the Standard OEM spring, this enables the ability to further back off the spring preload collars. The lighter rated tender spring maintains tension on the connective hardware when the shock becomes fully extended. This can be used to excessively lower your ride height by as much as 1" at the shock.


Photo for representation purposes only, spring hardware varies depending on the application.


Learn More About Twisted Spring Kits

Please note the following:

• All spring kits are for stock OEM shocks from the vehicle's respected model/year.
• If you have aftermarket shocks or are looking for a custom application please call (607)-533-7434.
• Spring kits have a build/processing time of 3-5 business days.


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