Front Shock Part#: 7044120

Center Shock Part#: 7043956

Rear Shock Part#: 7043959

2015 Polaris Switchback Pro-S

Axis - Track Kit, Polaris, 121/136 Pro-Ride, 2015+ Rush, Switchback, Adventure, Pro-S/X, XCR, LTD
Learn More About Custom Axis Shocks  Center Shock: Tool free Easy Access Adjuster Compression Adjustable Rebound Adjustable  Preload adjustable Dual...
$ 2,774.99 USD
Axis - Snow Shocks, Front, Polaris, 2012+ Pro-R, Rush, Switchback, Assault, Adventure
Compression Adjustable Rebound Adjustable Preload Adjustable Sprung for riders weight Custom Axis Shocks are hand built to order, lead times...
$ 2,549.99 USD
Twisted - Spring Kit, Snow, Front, Dual Rate, Sport Series
1 pair for the two front shocks.    *Shock part number needed for fitment accuracy. If you do not have...
$ 254.99 USD
Hygear - Mechanical Preload Adjuster, WER 1.5" Body, Buttress
Includes (1) Mechanical Preload Adjuster with reservoir bracket. Quickly adjust preload on your snowmobile shocks! Hygear's MPA offers an easy...
$ 189.99 USD
Twisted - Spring Kit, Snow, Center, Dual Rate, Sport Series
*Shock part number needed for fitment accuracy. If you do not have the part number, please enter code "photo" and...
$ 164.99 USD
Twisted - Spring Kit, Rear, Single Rate, Polaris Axys (optional Shock Guard)
Includes (1) Single Rate Spring and (1) Shock Body Wear Protector Sleeve (Part #74-09-001) *Shock part number needed for fitment accuracy....
$ 124.99 USD
Hygear - Polaris, Heavy Duty Axle Kit, Sport Series, Rev2
Includes: (2) Adjustment Blocks   Applicable to all Polaris models utilizing OEM Spacer #5432535 Rev2, Updated to fit MY '21/'22...
$ 74.95 USD

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